D.A.R.E   ESSAY

In D.A.R.E the thing that we have is tell people not to use drugs or alcohol and do not late other people get use to it too.

Do not smoke win you are a kid smoke can kill you and makes your lungs  will be bad and give you yellow teeth.

I do not want to see  anybody smoke however old as I get like Mr.McGuire  I am not smoke or drinking because I do not want to die.

Camp Oty’Okwa

In Oty’Okwa we all had a problem we all did it no how to be nice to each other some of us help some people and see if they and they did main things to other people and they help other groups.

I help a lot of people at the orientation  with the campus and map and it change me and it probably change them and then they help me.Are other one was geology and  we had a lot of fun because and we love the games.

My life change because I help a lot of people and it probably change their life too and now they probably no new things now. We all had fun at camp but win Mr.McGuire smashing pan together and waking us up.

At camp Oty’Okwa


I can’t wait till my brother go in to a concert and later  me and cade  is still make a band and it is going to be awesome to be a rock star.


My book is trapped written by James Moloney. I think a prediction is what happens in my book.

What I think is going to happen in my book is David and friends are going  skateboarding in the pipe. They find some legs and so I think somebody might have been killed in the pipe.

The Absent Author

What I think about my book is how I want to tell people about the story. .It is a good mystery and people who like mysteries would like it.Why do people read mysteries? I read mysteries because they are interesting to me than other kinds of books.

My feeling

The book that I am reading is The Absent Author. The feeling about my book is what I relate to the character. How I feeling about the character. I am feeling the same way the character. Win Dink gets kidnapped and that’s how I am feeling. I wonder how I relate to Wallis Wallace by him. What I feel about this book is when Dink does I do the same thing just like Dink.

Connecting to the Deadly Dungeon

In my book , the Deadly Dungeon, I connect to this book because Dink and Josh and Ruth take a trip to a castle.   I connect to this because when my family takes  a trip to Florida we drive like they did.

When I was in Florida we hunted for crawdad and in my book the kids go on a boat and watch them get lobsters. I wasn’t on a boat but we were both on an ocean.

I connect to the character, Dink because he likes to explore with his brother and sister. I don’t explore castles but I explore the woods with my brothers.